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RE: A4 option recommendations?

<<I'm interested in the roof carrier "system," which consists of the basic
<<rack set and add-ons like a bike carrier or ski holder.  I'd just want
<<t,he ski holders, and the total price for this setup would be US$295.
<<Should I get this or is the Thule product just as good?  (fit + price)
<<Also, there are mud flap kits at $27 each for front and rear.  Are these
<<functional? ugly? worth it?

Don't jump on that $27 each mudflap....Clair Audi Express has them for $26.50
a pair...I think A4.org was going to put some pics of them this week.  I was
thinking of getting the flaps due to my 225/50 16 tires sticking out of the
wheel well.

Also, if you aren't getting the CD changer, GET IT. It is only $295 from the
dealer, and if he installs it before you get the car, you have a 3yr/50,000
mile warranty rather than a 1 year if you buy it later and install it.

And lastly, all US bound A4s have the remote keyless entry pre installed, you
just have to buy the remote and have the dealer program it.  So, if you are
not getting the Moonroof that comes with the keyless, you can still get it
(dealer may not know this)

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