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Blaufergnugen rebuilds Quattro driveshafts. The price will get your
attention, but I think it's about 50% the price for a rebuilt at an Audi
dealer. Blau also sells the bearing assembly separately for around $160, if
memory serves. You can reach them at 920-758-3232. Their website URL is
www.audiquattroparts.com. The usual disclaimers pertain.

I bought the bearing assembly only for my 5kcstq. Blau supplies it with
some spacer washers they say are necessary. Until they were removed,
driveshaft vibration was terrible. I now motor along in blissful silence,
relatively speaking, of course.

At 06:05 PM 3/17/98 EST, Porsray wrote:
>Somebody on this list indicated that they rebuild Quattro driveshafts.  Could
>you please identify yourself?  The center bearing/mount on my Coupe
appears to
>be dying at 126,000 miles.
>Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
>1990 Coupe Quattro 

Larry Mittell
87 5kcstq
89 200tqw 1.8 bar