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Fw: Battery

In case you were interested Douglas battery has the Optima 800 U for
>+ tax.
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>The Optima 800U is the replacement battery you need.  It will be fine
>located under the seat; it is totally sealed and corrosion free.  If your
>equipment is pulling more amps hat your alternator can provide, then the
>D750U deep cycle is a better battery.  It is designed to supply the extra
>power you need.
>You can get one at Big A or call Douglas @ 303-722-6619.
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>ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV wrote:

>For those who aren't familar with the Optima, it's a sealed battery that
>delivers 800-1100 CCA depending on temperature and is manufactured in a
>fashion that it can't/won't leak, and (supposedly; haven't tried) can be
>used in any position, even upside down.
>They have a website at <http://www.optimabatteries.com> for anybody who
>wants more info.
>P.S.  They are a little spendy though.  The cheapest I've seen was $119
>and as high as $149.