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'86 5kcsTQ - Vampiric Clutch

Hi folks,

Had a look through the archives for this phenomenon, but couldn't find a
reference to it.

Problem:  If I put my foot on my clutch just enough to get past the
"over-center" spring, then the clutch gets sucked to the floor.  It
doesn't just drop, it actually gets sucked down!?!  The brakes seem fine
and don't go to the floor no matter how hard or long I push.  The fluid
level in the resevoir remains high.  Sometimes I can put my foot on the
clutch, and it will return 75%, and then get sucked down.  Other times
if I try and hold my foot on the clutch, the gear starts to engage, and
the clutch won't return at all.

History:  My clutch had always been close to the floor, but that's how I
bought the car, and I thought it was normal.  However, eventually the
clutch required that I cut a hole in the floor so I could continue using
it, as I was told the clutch on my car is not adjustable.  Because I
didn't want to freeze (it is winter here in MD) or mutilate the car too
much, I parked it until I could figure out what was wrong.  I returned
to it the next day and found that some Audi illiterate must have worked
on the car, because they had attached the line from the resevoir to the
master cylinder, but hadn't opened the line at the resevoir (thus the
line was bone dry).  I have tried to bleed the system (which seems easy
enough), but haven't used pressure as there aren't clamps on either end
of the resevoir/mc line, and it looks likely that the line will blow
right off and make a heck of a mess (the paint job ain't great anymore,

There really isn't much info in the Bentley about the clutch hydraulics
except a few diagrams.

TIA, Arryn.

PS: Could you CC  enzeder@ix.netcom.com  as this is my work address.