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Re: When did '87 4kq get 130 HP ?

In a message dated 98-03-17 19:59:57 EST, Mark Chang wrote:

>I have a 2/87 build 4000csq sitting here in my possession (okay, it's with
>Qshipq at the moment... but you know), and it does *not* have a 2.3L
>engine, as per the pictures on Fluhr's web page.  (I *could* be wrong ..
>don't think so though).

And Jeff added,
"Nor have I ... frankly, I think the letter is in error but since it served
my purpose at the time (i.e., to make the 2.3L motor a legal upgrade for
racing purposes), I wasn't about to point this out to AoA.  ;^)"

I'd bet it's not so much of an error as a lack of term definition. AofA is
using the 4000series to encompass the GT as well, hence the 2.3L production
option for late '87. Nowhere in the letter does it mention a 4000q.

-Chris Semple
'87 4000q
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