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Re: christian's getting married!

>hopefully it isn't too late for this (my cutoff came a couple months before
>the ceremony--I did manage to upgrade my '87 4kcsq to a '91 200q, buy a
>small boat and motorcycle in the two years before, though.  a certain
>lister in Scottsdale seems to have encountered this early phenomenon as
>well  :^)

Hmmm ... that must be me!  Actually, Paula has been very gracious about
accomodating my toys -- incredibly so, in fact -- it's just that I feel
guilty about spending money on them while we're saving to buy a larger house. 
One week after I promised to limit my purchases to "maintenance and
repairs," a buddy in the UK found me a 20V motor from a wrecked '90 Ur-Q,
complete with harnesses and all accessories, for only $2,200 as well as
another Ur-Q that was offering up its front and rear bumpers, complete with
unmarked lights and lenses, for only $600!
I thought about trying to palm them off as maintenance -- bumpers DO wear
out, right? -- but my conscience got the better of me ... eventually.  Had
we had our conversation a week later, those parts would be sitting in my
garage as I write this but a promise IS a promise...

Needless to say, now that putting a motor in my Ur-Q would fall under the
category of maintenance, my friend's '87 Ur-Q now has the 20V motor nestled
snugly under its hood ... that's why I decided to build a 2.5L one from a
Eurovan shortblock instead.  Believe it or not, but Paula actually
encouraged me to do this since she didn't want me to quietly resent her in
the long run (smart woman!) and she understood that doing it all now would
be cheaper than just doing the head and having to rebuild the bottom end in
a year or two ... if it means we have to wait for another six months to buy
a larger house, well, that's life.

I guess the key here is finding the right woman or not having a conscience
... fortunately, in my case, it was -- IS! -- much more the former than the
latter.  :^)
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