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Re: Stupid Parts Tricks

It might be because there is an aluminum crush washer attached to the bolt
to take up space on expansion and the washers compress slightly to avoid
snapped studs. It doesn't always work like that, though.

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On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Al Powell wrote:

> Brandon said:
> > Also interesting, why are the four nuts 046 145 749, which attach 
> > the turbo to the EM, $10 each?!?  What are those babies made of?  
> > And no I'm not going so far as to replace them...
> I once heard from my resident mechanic and ex-Porsche owner that 
> the bolts which mount the turbo on his Porshe were $80 each!  One of 
> the few items which makes Audi parts seem reasonable, if only by 
> comparison...
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