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Re: Insprection checklist

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From: Alan Cordeiro <alan.cordeiro@mts.com>
Date: Tuesday, March 17, 1998 2:49 PM

Hmmm...If an 86 5k is considered a money pit, I don't even know where to
begin to describe a 91 200q  :-). I've spent over $400 just on hoses in two
yrs. $116 just for an upper radiator hose.  About $85 for a crank case
breather hose. Last year I had all the water hoses replaced - 3 hours labor
just to get to the turbo water hose elbow under the power steering pump.
The main things I would look at on a 91 200q are:
UFO brakes? Personally, I like them!!
Boost goes to 1.7-1.8 bar. Hill in 4th gear at 2k rpm, floor it and boost
should be 1.7+ before 3k rpm. I can usually spool up in about 300 rpm.
Crank case breather hose - it's a bitch to change
Water hoses on back passenger side of engine - look for evidence of leaking
Turbo water pump - check for broken housing inside of hose - make sure
engine is pretty cool as this could spray hot coolant.
While driving, lift and reapply the throttle - watch for play in the shift
arm - if it moves, it could indicate sagging/broken rear trans mounts.
Listen for drivetrain clunk - mine has 98k and is still tight. Drive train
clunk could indicate a bad center U joint.
Downshift rapidly into 2nd gear - make sure the synchro is still good.
Drive with the A/C on and the radio on - listen for a loud click in the
radio when the compressor cycles off. There's a tech bulletin for this.
Check the timing belt - just pull the top of the cover back and peek at it.
Just the usual Quattro/new car buying stuff.

mike miller
91 200q