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Re: Thule roofrack fairing on 200aq?

I suggest making your own fairing from sheet plastic/acrylic.  I think what
they charge (both Thule and Yakima) is a rip-off considering how much
effort they put into the fairing "kit."  Use a longer piece of sheet
plastic, and you will achieve the quieting effect you're looking for.  HTM.

At 06:50 PM 3/17/98 -0800, you wrote:
>My '90 200aq has those avant roof rails.  Man, I wish they used the 
>same system as VW, with the flat roof that has a basically invisible 
>rail that you can hook a Thule rack into...
>Anyway: so I have the Thule rack, and I want to mount the Thule 
>fairing to reduce the howling tempest that rages above my head.  But 
>the fairing wants the forward-most bar to be within 15" of the 
>windshield.  The closest I can get it is about 19 or 20".  Are there 
>any sneaky things I can do to get the fairing on?
>* What if the fairing doesn't reach the windshield, but rests against 
>the roof 6" back?  This is ugly.
>* If I could extend the mounts for the fairing, would it still do any 
>* Is there some clever way to mount the forward bar further forward?
>* Is there a way to make the roof rails reach further forward?
>Washed/waxed  the car last weekend.  Must've been the first time in 
>many years.  Lookin' good, and it seems to have mostly cured an old 
>shoulder injury that just needed some exercise!
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