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Re: Strut/shock Selection, Boge...

> From: Russ Southerlin <russell.s.southerlin@lmco.com>
> Just did a set of Konis on my 87 5KTQ, with stock springs. Best deal I
> found was RD Enterprises 1-800-683-2890. Konis were about $30 more than
> Bilsteins. Konis were $450 for the set with shipping.  According to RD
> the warranty for Bilsteins is the same as Koni - you are suppposed to be
> the original purchaser and you have to buy a new shock/set and return
> the bad one(s) to RD. RD will then return them to the manu. for a
> credit/refund.  Not sure how they handle Boge.

I know, I know...

A couple of years ago, I bought a set of Boge for my GTI 
from RDE, when I got them, 2 out of 4 were bad, i.e. little 
or no pressure whatsoever.

I called RDE, they gave me a number for Boge.  I called,
Boge sent me 2 new ones. When I got the 2 replacements,
one of them was bad. I called back and another was sent.  
Boge was very nice; few questions asked, I didn't even have 
to send back the bad units.  

However, even the good front/rear pairs didn't have the 
same pressure based on my lame tests (compressed by pushing
againt the ground to test absorb? and releasing them
at the same time to test rebound?).  I was told that
they use different manufacturers so the units could vary.
I'd check to make sure they were more matched before
installing them.

Son Nguyen
76 914 2.0
90 90