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At 07:26 AM 3/18/98 +0000, you wrote:
>A few weeks ago, I reported that Chevron's Techron
>product was no longer appearing on the shelves at
>Wal-Mart, and that it had been replaced by another
>Chevron product, ProGuard _with_ Techron.
>Ditto for the local Pep Boys; a big empty shelf
>that formerly held Techron is above a fully-filled
>shelf of Chevron ProGuard.
>If you can still find Techron, stock up, it really
>looks like they taking the full concentration product
>off of the market.
>-doug q

        I was puzzled by this as I haven't heard that it was being
withdrawn.  I order it from AutoEgo in cases of 6 for very good prices (no
phone # handy but they are in most car mags).

        Chevron has a web site that lists vendors who sell it.  They are at
www.chevron.com.  I e-mailed them and they said it was not going anywhere,
and if you let them know who has stopped selling it they'll "look into it:"

(from Chevron:)

Please send us your postal address and we will forward your note
to our Techron group for review. They need to know where you live to
pinpoint the geography of the areas where Techron has "disappeared from
local stores."

The e-mail address is:


Let 'em know.

Bryan Kamerer