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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

   The 3rd gen Rx-7 is a wonderful car...when it runs. 
Take a little time out and lurk on the rx-7 list, oh boy 
is that an under engineered car. A good freind of mine in 
a adjuster for GE warrenty underwriters and he can tell 
you some really hair rasing stories about turbo charger 
failure, apex seal failure. Now it seams that the body 
are flexing and streching so badly that the door handles 
are not working right. Great idea poorly executed. I've 
at this very moment have a '83 Rx-7 Limited Edition that 
I'm turning into a spec racer for SCCA and a '82 911 SC. 
I'll take Porsches engineering enviroment over Japans any 
day. The only thing the Rx has over the 911 is to race it 
its cheap cheap cheap, and I will not cry when some ITC 
Honda decides to Schmacher me.

Rick Glesner