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Re: Q45 vs. 200

I absolutely agree.The Japanese cars are not made with a passion like a
Porsche of the same class is. I look in the +$45,000 Supra Turbo and it's
interior is of lower quality than the Camry. I don't buy in to their
engineering of hollow carpet fibres and that other garbage. The car still
wieghs 3,400 pounds. The Vette weighs 1-200 less. The RX-7 was nice,
though albeit with the reliability problems and the other like. Knowing
what the chassis had, I will say that it was excellent. Problem was the
rotary was <truly> superior at high rpms, but US roads won't allow for
most to see them at high speeds.

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On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Reed Hitchcock wrote:

> Geez..  Always amazes me how a simple observation can explode into global
> thermonuclear war..  But..........
> I have owned several Japanese cars, and have loved some of them.
> I had an '85 Prelude that would run circles around a lot of other cars in
> its class.  It handled beautifully, but it had a cheap-looking mid-80's
> Japanese techno interior..  It went to 190K mi without so much as new plug
> wires..  There is something to be said for that, especially since I was on a
> college student budget..
> I had a '94 Miata A-pkg until very recently.  I only sold it because I
> didn't want to make 2 car payments (the 100CSQW and the miata)..  My
> mother-in-law bought it from me, and I miss it like mad (though I DO have
> visitation rights)..  A quattro can do a lot of things, but I can't throw
> the top back and hit the backroads in my Avant like I could in the miata..
> Helluva car..  Want another one.  I also get a little jealous when I see
> guys tooling around in 3rd gen RX7s, nice cars..  Lot cheaper than a
> comparable 911, but still out of my price range..
> However, the point I was making in my post about degrees of Camry (and
> comparably Maximas and Q45s and so on) was based on some experience.  My
> folks have owned Lexus (Lexi?) and Camrys for the past several years, and
> they just do not seem to be made with the same passion as the German Cars..
> The interiors seem cheesy, the steering is numb.  The leather wears out a
> LOT faster..  Japanese luxury cars are fine _machines_, but few are fine
> _automobiles_ and most lack character, in my humble opinion.
> (Then again, I have seen "character" as it relates to cars defined as
> character _flaws_ in more than one popular automotive enthusiast rag)
> -Reed
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