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Return from the land of VW/Audi

I just made my first trip to the land of VW/Audi.  Was really interesting.  If 
you were thinking Germany, bzzzt - its China!  Yes, 90% of the cars there are 
VWs (Santanas - the same as the US mkt Condoms, sorry Quantums).  Very large 
number of Audis too.  

I went to a car display at the local mall in Shanghai and was shocked to see a 
Chinese version of the Audi 100.  It was completely defaced IMO w/ a red 
translucent hood ornament about 12" long and other appendages.  I took some 
photos if anyone is interested in posting them on their website.

The latest version of the Santana (the Santana 2000) seems to be the old '82 
santana stretched out, with parts added from VW/Audi parts bin.  The C pillar 
looked like that of the Audi 100, with the slots at the bottom.

Back home...
I experienced a strange problem on my A4.  I was at a gas station and as the 
attendant wiped the sun-roof, it suddenly opened on it own.  It did not open 
fully, but only half way.  The switch was still in the closed position.  I 
tried to open it and then close it.  It would only come back to the half open 
position.  I could successfully change it to the vent position, but on closing, 
it would again return to the half open position.  Finally, I decided to use the 
car key to close the roof (be keeping the key turned in the door lock).  That 
worked - it closed completely and has not misbehaved since.  Has anyone else 
experienced such odd behaviour?  Any explanations?