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Re: Racist Slang

Wasn't tuned in to the earlier discussions, but here in the land of the
Brit's, 'Jap' is a colloquial but perfectly proper and acceptable
abbreviation of 'Japanese'.

Yours in political rectitude,


Cumbria, UK.

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From: Sachelle Babbar <sbabbar@iris.nyit.edu>
To: Greg Johnson <gregsj@iea.com>
Cc: quattrolist <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: 18 March 1998 18:02
Subject: Re: Racist Slang

>Sorry. I never intended it as such. I'm just on email between classes and
>pressed for time. Just trying to get the most amount of bw down in the
>least amount of time. If I have offended any qlister, please accept my
>sincere apologies.

>On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Greg Johnson wrote:
>> Sashelle;
>> About a year and a half ago, the QList decided it would be
>> better if contributors did not use racist slang terms such
>> as "Jap."  Many thanks for your prompt attention to this
>> matter.  GregJ