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Audi population increases by 1

Well, after bombarding the list with inane questions, I finally
went and did it!

I just bought that '95 A6QW I was looking at. Really wanted the
sedan because of the stick, but you can't have everything, right?
If anyone in metro Boston is looking for one, Park Audi has a
gorgeous Silver A6Q with grey cloth and a stick. All options,
56K miles but looks/drive GREAT for $24K.  978-686-9743. Sorry,
the S6 wagon is sold :-(

It's a 3-year lease turn-in, 39K miles, superb condition,
black (can't have everything, right?) with gray leather,
most of the options (except CD changer), the seat heaters
even work!

Now, how am I going to break the news to my '89 100Q that it's
being put out to pasture? I'll keep it for a while, then see
if there's any interest in it. It's been a special friend to
me for all these years and miles, I couldn't let the dealer
give me a "pity" trade-in for it. That wouldn't even cover
the value of the Euro-lights and suspension.

On the bright side, my dog now has a place of his own in the
car, where he can drool as much as he wants!


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