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TORSEN II - extreme / normal use

In message <199803181117.GAA25451@mail13.digital.com> "Andrew Jackson (CCC-REO)" writes:

> Well the 1990 90q20v is growing on me (slowly) - helped by the removal
> of the cat, and the addition of a set of Yokahamas.  But I would very
> much like the chance to give it some welly at one of the Club track days
> to find the limits of the Quattro.
> Is the Club open to *all* Quattro owners - or just geezas with "propper"
> Quattros (coupe, turbo etc) ?

OK - to clarify once again.

The UK Audi quattro Owners Club exists under Royal Automobile Club Motor
Sport Association rules (RACMSA).  It is defined as a "single marque"
club, and is defined as "furthering the interests of the ur-quattro and
Sport quattro".  Under RACMSA rules, you have to own one or the other
to be a "Full Member".  Otherwise, you can be an "Associate Member".

There are two differences:

a) Associate Members cannot vote at the AGM.  They _can_ speak.

b) Associate Members cannot take part in RACMSA events as 'members'
   of the Club.  Since the Club doesn't actually participate in any
   such events, the point is moot.

As far as everything else goes, there is _NO_ difference between a
"Full Member" and an "Associate Member".  The membership card, badges,
numbers, etc., are the same.  The only person who knows which sort
of member you are is Roger Galvin.

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