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Re: Intercooler Trivia, Stock intercooler good for 1.8 bar?

My ic does not have the aluminum end cap as yours does. Doesn't have the
flange for the intakes air temp sensor, either. I do have a factory
training manual with a drawing that does show what you have seen, though.
Your assumption may be correct. It may be for the 182 hp (KG?) euro turbo

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On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Scott Mo. wrote:

> I purchased a used '88 5000TQ the other day that needed a new
> intercooler and some minor front grill repair. (amongst other
> things....) 
> While scrounging through a wrecking yard, a found a used intercooler off
> a 1984 5000 Turbo that has the same configuration and dimensions as the
> 1986-88 5000TQ and 1989-90 200T/Q intercoolers. 
> One interesting difference was the '84 5000T intercooler uses a cast
> aluminum end cap on the one end for the inlet and outlet cap. It has the
> extra 7/8 inch diameter port in this aluminum end cap which is connected
> to the lower intercooler inlet. This port would make a nice place to
> connect the retro-fit 20V turbo bypass valve. The other end of the
> intercooler had the standard plastic end cap. The boss for the air temp
> sensor is cast into the aluminum end piece but it is not drilled for the
> air temp sensor.
> This intercooler had a label on the bottom with the following info:
> Kuhlerfabrik: Langerer & Reich, GMBH & CO.KG
> LR Nr 37176207 Stuck Nr 2447
> Kom Nr 30737
> PB 0.8 Bar    Dat 07/83
> I assume the PB 0.8 bar, indicates that these intercoolers were designed
> to run 1.8 bar (absolute) through them, this makes some sense as the
> european versions of the 5000 Turbo ran more boost. Can any European or
> UK list members comment on this PB 0.8 Bar spec?
> Langerer & Reich also make the intercoolers for the 1986-88 5000T/Q, the
> 1989-90 200T/Q 10V and the 20V intercooler out of the 1991 200TQ 20V.
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