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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

Well said, thank you. Do keep in mind that Audis are built for different
reasons than Porsches. Can you say a Porsche can haul 5 people to the
supermarket at triple digits? Porsche, there really is no substitute. I
hate the Italian offerings, too. Not as good as the Germans.

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On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Michael Williams wrote:

> Sachelle Babbar decided to speak these words:
> >Second, going through all you wrote, I think you figured out
> >that it is as much as the car feels as it is the numbers it puts down. I
> >think in luxury cars, there may be a lot more room to make a distinct
> >personality at the sacrifice of say, handling. Sports cars are very close,
> >but they all have certain quirks that may make them good in one situation,
> >while bad in another. At high speeds or hard cornering, the quirks can be
> >magnified, good or bad, making them more critical.
> Well, funny that this should come up.  My friend Chris and I have 
> determined that objectively, Porsche is the best performer in the world.  
> We also determined last night, that audi has the potential to outpace and 
> outperform Ferraris, so therefore, it is the 2nd best performer in the 
> world.  While stock it may not be all that great in terms of numbers 
> only, the potential is there to beat anything, except Porsche.  this is 
> overall performance btw...not just acceleration.  
> Also, we have come up with a good analogy for what cars like the M3 and 
> cars like that are. (the Audis dont fall into this category due to the 
> performance potential).  anyway, the analogy is that a sports sedan (even 
> an M3 coupe which is a sedan platform), is like a Playboy magazine.  You 
> want the porno, but at the same time you want the intelligent articles.  
> but you dont have enough money to buy Hustler, and also buy Newsweek(or 
> some other scholastic magazine), so you have to compromise both the 
> quality of the porn ad the quality of the intelligence present in the 
> articles, and buy only the one magazine, Playboy.
> But, audi wo9uld be a playboy car, but since the potential is so high, 
> there really is no compromise in the car.  It just cant beat porsche 
> ultimately....
> later
> hehe
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