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Q45 vs. 200

In message <3510532C.5D46B271@dimensional.com> Gary Bracken writes:

> For me, and for my
> wife, it has the best combination of seating, steering response, and "feel" of
> any vehicle we've tried -- and that includes some other, new Audis.

[about 4kq]

The last point is worrying me a little.  I'v driven a couple of dozen early 
1980s Audi 80s, a few Passats, and we owned an Audi 80CD for ten years.  It has 
now been replaced by a (not much younger) Passat.  The ur-quattro is obviously 
in a quite different league, but all of the foregoing have had a certain 
combination of power, handling and feedback that is rare in other brands.

What specifically worries me is that I feel this combination is missing from 
Audi's newer models.  A nicely run in and cared for 4kq, IMO, is a better 
driver than an A4.


 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club