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How can you tell if "the bomb" is bad?

gary sez:
>the third time he hit the brakes the pedal went down about 1.5 inches
>and then the pedal began to throb.  He said that's a dead giveaway that
>the bomb is bad, and that the brakes might not be safe in an emergency
>situation.  Does that sound right?
>By the way, the mechanic says $300 for parts and $75 for labor.  Does
>that sound reasonable?

the best way to test the bomb is to let the engine run for a few minutes
and then shut it off.  pump the brake pedal until the unassisted feel
goes away and is replaced by a "hard" brake pedal.  this should take up
to 30 or so brake applications.  if it happens in the first one or two,
the bomb is bad.  if it takes a 10 or so, bomb replacement is just around the
corner.  you can find "aftermarket" pressure accumulators (they are all
made by lemforder) for $250-300.  the replacement takes less than 1/2 hour.
it will also take 1-2 liters of pentosin to refill the system since bomb
removal will drain the reservoir.


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