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How can you tell if "the bomb" is bad?

phil sez:
>> so I'm a little concerned about safety issues.
>There aren't any, for a person in normal health.  Normal run-of-the-mill
>braking is unaffected - three crash stops in quick sucession is rare, and if
>you're of normal health your leg muscles are quite strong enough to stop an
>Audi without _any_ assistance at all.  You just have to stamp harder.

the safety issue is when you "stamp hard" in a panic stop that begins as
an assisted stop and rapidly transitions into an unassisted stop when
the pressure dies.  this unassisted stop will surprise you since it is
also a non-ABS assisted stop.  this means that while you are hunting for
the correct pedal height and pressure as it changes, you are also trying
to prevent a skid since the brakes want to lock up.  btdt...


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