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Re: Drag Racing a 200TQ?

paul sez:
>Scott, you seem to be havving much too much fun at the strip.
>I don't suppose you have tried any 5500 rpm launches?
>I think it was Glen who recommended them some years back.
>I don;t do that sort of thing with my street cars, but it
>works amazingly well with the race car in dirt...

i tried a redline sidestep start during one of my post-rallycross fun runs.
unfortunately they had turned off the timing equipment so i couldn't see
how this would have affected my run times.  i was amazed by the start.
it felt like 0-20 in a coupla car lengths.  it also seemed like it was less
stress on the clutch than letting it slip to keep the revs/boost up.  i'm sure
high coefficient starts would be a different story.  i even got some
commments about that start when i got off the course...


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