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The dreaded bomb!

>the bomb that has --->3<---- outlets, one for P/S, one for the brake and one
>for the Self leveling suspention.

usually the PS is driven directly off the pump, no pa.  the third
connection is the return to the reservoir?

> So if any one knows what the part no.
>for the bomb is for an 87 200 turbo (UK) pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let me know!

i wish i could help you but this was apparently not an option in the us
since it is missing from my fiche.  the only reference i have seen to
the SLS is in the haynes manual, which is a british-based publication.
i'm wondering if it would be possible to stack two banjo connectors (SLS
feed and brake servo feed) on one outlet of the standard bomb?  where
are each of the connections located on your bomb?  have you compared this
to a non-SLS 200t bomb?


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