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RE: VG-2?

> What were they pulled over for?

He was pulled over for possible radar detector.
The cop told him either You hand it over now or I can have your car 
ripped apart to find it.  He was told that a radar detector detector 
was used and he was the only one on the road at that time.

> > The VG-2 works.  Friend of mine has been cought twice by an 
> > undercover cruiser i.e. no way to turn it off fast enough.
> > That was however with an older detectable unit.
> > I myself had a couple of cruisers slam the brakes on and pull a U 
> > turn to follow me.  That was with a detectable Uniden.  
> > Lucky enough I was in the middle of other cars 
> > i.e. no way for him to know which car it is unless he pulls all 6 
> > cars over!  With the Bel I have yet to see this though.

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