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speaking of remote keyless entry

Anyone know where the receiver for the keyless entry is on an A4? Maybe I'm
not doin' it right, but the range seems a bit flaky - doesn't work that far
away - doesn't work real close - sort of has a five-foot "sweet-spot". Also
a bit choosy about the "double-clicking" for all locks. I'd suspect
batteries, but the car was only built Jan. 98. I know this is apples and
oranges, but a friend's Nissan w/keyless entry works from 30 ft. away. And
the A4's "panic" feature (which I hope never to need) seems to work from
quite a distance, too. Strange.

BTW, my dealer wanted $62 for CD magazines - I ordered two from Crutchfield
for $55 including shipping. Work like a charm (Panasonic  CA- MP600D).

Steve - 98 A4Q 1.8T, 97 Passat GLX, 92 Eclipse Turbo AWD, 84 Ford F150
4X4... you get the picture