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Fw: 1986 5KCS Turbo Repair Questions

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Date: Wednesday, March 18, 1998 4:43 PM
Subject: Re: 1986 5KCS Turbo Repair Questions

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>From: Lewis, Gary M <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com>
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>Date: Wednesday, March 18, 1998 3:24 PM
>Subject: 1986 5KCS Turbo Repair Questions
>>I need some repair help.  Regarding my 86 5kcst 5sp:
>>1. I need a new Thermo Switch.  Looks easy to install, however any
>>BTDT's would be helpful.
>>2. The vacuum trunk release mech. stopped working last night.  I can
>>unlock it with the key, but I really like the auto unlock-lock door key
>>feature.  What's wrong and how do I fix it?
>>3. Lights (Sorry, I hate to do this)  I noticed at a parts web site they
>>had XENON headlight replacements.  Worth doing?  Also, they had Hella
>>bumper mounted driving lights for $70.  Worth doing?  (I know , I should
>>get Euro's, but I can't afford em' right now.  Like $1,000, right?).
>>My wife and I were in the Audi at night and she commented that the
>>lights stunk.  This is pathetic 'cause my wife is automotive challenged,
>>and if she notices it's REALLY bad.  I told her the fix is a Euro
>>conversion for approx. $1,000.  Reply, "We're (read "you are") not
>>spending a $1,000 on lights for a $2,000 car."  I'm neither a complete
>>wimp nor an idiot; I immediately got her to agree to a 91 200Q or S4 in
>>a couple of years, after we get another house, as reward for me driving
>>this "old" car around to save money.  I'll never tell her the truth: I'm
>>lovin' it...
>>86 5kcst 5sp 193km
>    I'm inclined to think that your truck problem is due to the "pot-metal"
>latch.  It's easy to break these in the cold weather ice-up conditions that
>we've been having.  Have someone listen to the trunk key area.  If you have
>sound, you probably have a broken latch.  A used one is not too expensive
>from your friendly junk yard.  It's fun to replace the key mechinism, just
>take your time.
>    In reference to the lights.  I just got a nifty catalogue from
>"Competition Litd.  (E-Mail:  comptld@htonline.com). They list quite a few
>possible options before going the expensive European route. The one that
>looking at right now is their 9007 Kit, 65/100w.   Almost legal!  Maybe you
>would like their 9007 Super Kit that puts out 80/100 with their "Rallye"
>bulbs.  Both of these kits are with their harness kits.
>Wayne Scheer
>'87 5000S (241,000 miles)
>'89 100 (114,000 miles)
> >