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Quattros, Hakkas & Toros rule in Denver

Well, It's another Quattro day in Denver.  This afternoon, after driving
around all the stuck vehicles coming up the hill to my house I was
confronted with my very steep north-facing driveway with 18 - 20" of the
heavy white stuff.  I said 'what the ----', locked the diff and went for it.
The worst part was removing all the snow that I plowed into the garage.  The
Quattro and the Hakka 1s with studs are awesome. What the Quattro left
unplowed was easy pickins for the 8 hp Toro snowblower (does OK with only
2wd and diff locked).  Later I plowed a couple of other driveways with the
Quattro for neighbors who didn't know how they would ever get their cars in.
After helping push a couple of others who drive BMWs I couldn't resist
telling them they should have bought Audis.  All I got in reply was a couple
of grunts.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q