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Re: Owners of older wagons: HELP

At 07:52 AM 3/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>This is more followup to my contemplating a 95 A6QW.
>How do the wagons hold up to long life and high miles structurally?
>Any owners of older (100K+) wagons out there have input?
>Do they become rattle-traps, do the hatches hold up?

I've got 130k+ on my 1990 200tqw.

I do get some rattles out of the back hatch.  My fixes so far:
- replaced taillights w/V8 ones.  Old ones had something that rattled.
- siliconed gasket around hatch (fixed some squeaking)
- put little rubber coverings over bottom latches
- re-arranged wiring inside hatch to minimize movement/rattles

Still rattles a little.....learned to ignore it.  Those hatches are HEAVY -
try lifting without the struts.  Some integrity is sacrificed for that big
an opening.

As you can tell from my sig, station wagons are a specialty....I can give
tailgate BTDT's on a lot of wagons no one on this list would care about

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