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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

On Wed, 18 Mar 98 at 15:48:13 MSW writes:

"That wasnt the point though, i am not talking about anything but strick
objective numbers...and in that regard, Porsche is Numero Uno, with Audi
a close number 2...i think that is a pretty damn fine thing to brag about
to all those WMB and mustang fans out there.  we have objective proof of
the superiority of our cars...no one can refute performance numbers, you
just cant.."

What "objective numbers" are you referring to.  May be I'm missing
something, but (working from memory - don't have any car rags handy at the
moment) almost every BMW is faster than the competing Audi, does better on
the skid pad and slalom, and brakes better.  Moreover, BMWs offer the same
type of feel and attention to detail as Audi and Porsche.  Unlike, say a 6
cylinder Camry or a Maxima, which will put up very good numbers but just
don't have the "feel" that our Audis have.  Nothing but the most tricked out
(which will usually mean very loud, very stiff, and very fragile) Audi can
stay with a stock M3 or 540i 6 speed.

Matt Pfeffer - 89 200TQW - Stage II