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Re: Roof lining on 5k/200...

Anyone whohas owned a 93 or older SAAB 900 must be familiar with this
disease. In mine, I tried everything from staples to injecting glue under
the cloth. NOTHInG WORKED!!! Most people just find a better used one and
cross their fingers.


Gerard wrote:

> Hi!
> Went down to the shop for the paper this morning, came back, parked
> car and looked up and saw that the cream-coloured cloth roof lining
> has started to sag just behind the sun-visor and the cloth all over
> the cabin looked quite "dirty" with signs of previous owner being a
> smoker.
> Question: can the roof lining be replaced or repaired? Would a normal
> vehicle upholstery shop be able to do this? Any ideas on cost? Can the
> lining be cleaned if it can be repaired?
> G.
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