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Ad: Business Telephone On-Hold Advertising System

Subject: Business Telephone On-Hold Advertising System

Tap Into The Gold Mine You Have Waiting On Hold!!

Business telephone on-hold advertising system including the digital
hardware and custom message created for your company.

Almost every business needs it.
Many businesses want it.
Few know how to find it.

Every year businesses like yours will place literally thousands of
prospective and existing customers on-hold.  WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!  You
have this huge captive audience interested in obtaining information
about YOUR company.

Our company, established in 1990 with thousands of clients nationwide, 
will provide you with a fully digital on-hold player (we are the
manufacturer) and produce your custom created on-hold advertising
message in our in-house recording studio.

Compatible with any business telephone system with a music on-hold or
audio port.

Five year warrantee on equipment and a 30 day money back satisfaction

Click reply and type "info" in the subject line and send this message
for more information or call toll free 888-546-5348, Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

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