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RE: Quattro Fellowship

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> Date:	Mon, 16 Mar 1998 18:59:44 -0800
> From:	Paul Kuettel <kuettels@iname.com>
> Subject:	Quattro Fellowship
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> . . .  I learned of yet another fellow afflicted with the same XR4ti/Quattro
> bipolar disorder from which I suffer.  I think that makes about 4 of us
> cross-breeds.  Anyone else so infected wanna *come out?*
> I *met* a fellow *5KCSTQ* (We snobs say *5KTQ* since they are ALL *CS* who lives in St. Paul like me!
> What about the 5000 CD TQ. . . they are rare but around.
> About as rare as the 5000 CS in Canada with the 5000 CD cars.

Not sure in the above who posted what, exactly....

But au contraire, mon ami, all 5ktq are *not* CS...

A quick read of the 1986 Road & Track review of the
5000 S Turbo Quattro will prove it. Leatherette sports
seats instead of leather barcaloungers. HEated seats
an option, not standard.

doug q
-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)            [Call me "Doug"]
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