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What happened?

Well some of us that understand both, realized that maybe a lot don't.  My own
thinking is this:  If you think EFI is great, go for it.  I have read,
studied, tested, experimented, and found that CIS is good.  So is EFI. Is it
great?  Well 2 grand buys you a bunch of great CIS mods.  

So, I shared this smile with a fellow CIS lister last nite, "Give me your two
grand, and I'll make you a Great CIS car."  And give you some change back.  

Bottom line:  Most of you considering EFI for "more fuel" aren't there yet in
the 'need' department.  

I would also add, that I spent a lot of time figuring out how to modify CIS.
So did a lot of others.  Spamming the list with it, just doesn't sound all
that appealing to me (<insert> smile on the torsen info here).  All this
information is available to you.  Last time I checked Probst book was 29.95.

Scott Justusson