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Re: Intercooler Trivia, Stock intercooler good for

You're right and wrong. In Europe, the kg started right from the beginning
of the generation with the the tq being offered right away. In the US, the
first was the fwd turbo with the kh in 84 with the 1st gen mc in late 85
and the 2nd gen mc in 86 and up. Read my wording. I never said the kh was
installed in quattros.

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On Wed, 18 Mar 1998 frankbauer@thevine.net wrote:

> >I could get you some info on it, but just wait a few days. Did I get the
> >engine code right? It may be a Canadian model, but the kh/mc/mc were
> >listed as being North American.
> KH is the correct code for usa.
> KG is the equivalent euro spec engine code.
> (similarly, the MB in europe approximates the MC in us)
> mine is a KG that has had an oxy sensor, fuel computer and frequency
> valve added.  btw, us-spec 86 5ktq's had the MC engine installed, not the KH.
> i believe the us-spec (nonq) 86 5kt's still used the KH.
> frank