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Re: Fw: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

I'm still defending German car and in the message below, it may not have
come out correctly, but the point I was trying to get across was the
"quirks" or minute differences of/between cars can be rewarding as you
said. The 930 Turbo is always the example that comes at hand. Love it.
Even when boost comes on line while I'm taking a 90 degree turn. :)

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On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Frank Amoroso wrote:

> Oh boy, I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring.
> It's difficult to compare a pre 964 (1990) 911 to other sports cars. The
> true beauty of the pre 1990 911, is learning to drive one well. Anyone can
> get into an E36 M3 and it will handle well. The 911 Carrera through '89 is
> not a car for everyone. Learning how to truly move it around the track is as
> rewarding an experience as one can find in motorsport. Porsche werks drivers
> would choose the 911 over the 914 (mid engine, and inherently a better
> handler, on paper) because they could use the car's tail happy attributes to
> get it around the track more quickly.
> Later 911s, 964 & 993, especially C4 versions, have lost a great deal of
> that cache since they are much easier to drive fast. Don't get me wrong I'd
> love a 993 tt, but I'd probably like an '89 911 turbo cabrio just the same.
> -----Original Message-----
> >I love the RX-7. I do go and say that it was one of the best sports car
> >chassis's made. Now, I have driven an R-1. It was interesting, but not
> >enough to make me want to get it over a German. More than it's
> >performance, the feel is the most critical thing to me and most. 0-60
> >doesn't matter to me. I just kept cranking up the boost until I got a
> >satisfactory seat of the pants. I believe most of us on the list are like
> >that. There is also the German feel of everything from interior, exterior,
> >turn signal stalks, etc. German cars are truly made with pride as opposed
> >to Jap cars that are stamped on an assembly line like Jello shapes. I've
> >done brake jobs on a few Jap cars including my dad's 626. In the time it
> >takes me to do one front, I could have done at least 3 on my car or a
> >Porsche. Quality. You can't deny that quality of workmanship especially in
> >the interior materials is up to a German. Look at a Lexus. Even though the
> >build quality is excellent, the interior doesn't look or feel all too
> >different from a Camry. BTW: a Porsche can outhandle an R-1 without all
> >the harshness. It's more how a car feels than a Car and Driver
> >handling,acceleration,etc rating. They don't reflect real life and what
> >the driver feels. You seem to be defending the Japanese cars a little more
> >than you should for a person on an Audi list that's supposed to love their
> >car.