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4kq lower stress bar

DaveNcj <DaveNcj@aol.com> wrote:
> 3.  I just got the Jim Blau's flyer, ...    ...This leads to this: the > list refered to a upper strut stressbar, what about a lower on between
> the a-arms?  No room?

I may be wrong, but the lower subframe already serves as a pretty solid
"lower stress bar".  However, I am under the impression that the
subframe bushings are too compliant and some harder bushings (delrin?)
would help to minimize lateral delfection and the corresponding change
in camber.  So what was the word?  Were there any harder _subframe_
bushings available for the 4kq's/Coupe GT's??

Luis Marques
'97 4kcsq