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Hey Y'all,

The Audifest listmeister said that he wouldn't do more announcements for
the Audifest98 sub-list.  I didn't make that same promise.  :-)

If you might be interested in attending the Pike's Peak Hill Climb as part
of the quattro list group you should sub$scribe to the Audifest list.  This
helps keep some of the traffic off the q-list.

BTW, rumor has it that this may be the last year of the race.  The road up
the mountain is being paved and the race may end up as history.  There may
not be an opportunity to attend next year.

The race is on July 4, at Colorado Springs.  We will probably start
congregating on July 3 and most will remain at least until July 5.  There
is also tentative planning for a possible track day on the 5th or 6th.
(Still *very* tentative.)  Progress is being made on securing group motel
accommodations near the mountain.

There were a bunch of us there last year.  We had a ball.  Come join us
this year.

To sub$scibe, send mail to:


with this message:

	sub$cribe audifest98   (Replace the $ with S)

Later posts go to:


Let's meet on the mountain.

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