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Waltzing Matilda with Torsens

In message <3bf7282.35110a9e@aol.com> QSHIPQ writes:
> Or we could look at a formula and plug in knowns, and explain Tshift with just
> numbers.

No, that is _exactly_ what we should not do.  This approach ignores the
possibility that some of the assumptions are incorrect.

> A center torsen, by design (that's physics) ...

Nah.  As you're treating it, it's applied mathematics - the world of
perfectly elastic collisions, no friction losses and no manufacturing
tolerances.  Physics is a real world science that seeks to explain
what really happens when the wheel hits the road.

You are still treating the torsen as an ideal device.  You postulate
transition from one ratio to another without allowing that it passes
through intermediate states in finite time.

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