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steering feel, old vs. new

I agree, the new steering is too light.  The same has been pointed out by
Car and Driver and other long time fans of the Audi driving feel.
Unfortunately, as has been admitted to me by Audi personnel, the unwashed
masses prefer the numb Japanamerican feel, especially women...like to spin
that wheel around with just a couple of fingers.  BMW has met a better
balance in terms of direct, linear feel and low speed lightness.  I think
Audi went too far.  However, the suspension control makes my 4000 feel like
the 11 year old car it is.

>We (wife and I) recently drove new A4 1.8ts -- one with tip and one with 5
>Both were impressive, but their "feel" was not as good, subjectively at
least, as
>our well-worn (169k) 87 4kq.  Maybe it's just a case of old shoes feeling
>comfortable than new ones?