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RE: How can you tell if "the bomb" is bad?

I make panic stops quite frequently and don't experience the pedal
kickback sensation that most experience. My bomb is deader than Stalin. 

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On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:

> Indeed, if the pedal vibrates, it is a good indication of a dead bomb. I
> would suggest one more test, though: run the engine for a minute, switch
> it off and count how many times you can apply brakes until you loose the
> assist. Less than 10 times = bomb is marginal, less than 3 times = bomb
> is dead. Both test are only valid if the pump supplies enough pressure
> and the servo isn't leaking at mega rate. As to safety issues, well, I
> have driven my 5K with a dead bomb for 3 years. I have also driven
> couple of miles without the power assist at all and now I have finally
> installed the new bomb. I can tell you that you really can't feel any
> difference it brakes feel until you have to make a panic stop. If you
> have to stop really hard and you have a dead bomb, the pedal gets hard
> and starts to vibrate, but even me, a computer geek who hasn't worked
> out for ages ;-), can bring the vehicle to a stop quite efficiently. 
> The price seems about right. You can get the 5K bomb for about $240, but
> I believe '91 200 uses newer bomb, wich is likely to be more expensive.
> The job takes a skilled mechanic about 0.5-1 hour, so Bob's labour costs
> are a little bit high, though.
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> 	[...]
> > Bob there tells me the brake accumulator is bad and poses a
> > safety hazard if not replaced.  Says he tests by hitting the brakes
> > hard
> > 3 times in a row (sitting still with motor running).  Says on this
> > car,
> > the third time he hit the brakes the pedal went down about 1.5 inches
> > and then the pedal began to throb.  He said that's a dead giveaway
> > that
> > the bomb is bad, and that the brakes might not be safe in an emergency
> > situation.  Does that sound right?
> > 
> > The owner of the 200q says the brakes work just fine, so he doesn't
> > want
> > to pay for having the bomb replaced.  I'm going to drive the car back
> > to
> > Denver (if the deal is consumated), so I'm a little concerned about
> > safety issues.
> > 
> > By the way, the mechanic says $300 for parts and $75 for labor.  Does
> > that sound reasonable?
> > 
> > Your quick reply would be most, most, most appreciated!  Call me
> > collect
> > if you like.
> > 
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