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Re: steering feel, old vs. new

I love how hard and tight my steering is. The turbo's I've driven are so
much heavier (but crisp) than any others. If only there was a way to
adjust the A4's. How's the S4/6 steering?

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On Thu, 19 Mar 1998 Wendell_Gurley@notes.toyota.com wrote:

> I agree, the new steering is too light.  The same has been pointed out by
> Car and Driver and other long time fans of the Audi driving feel.
> Unfortunately, as has been admitted to me by Audi personnel, the unwashed
> masses prefer the numb Japanamerican feel, especially women...like to spin
> that wheel around with just a couple of fingers.  BMW has met a better
> balance in terms of direct, linear feel and low speed lightness.  I think
> Audi went too far.  However, the suspension control makes my 4000 feel like
> the 11 year old car it is.
> >We (wife and I) recently drove new A4 1.8ts -- one with tip and one with 5
> speed.
> >Both were impressive, but their "feel" was not as good, subjectively at
> least, as
> >our well-worn (169k) 87 4kq.  Maybe it's just a case of old shoes feeling
> more
> >comfortable than new ones?