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Re: CIS vs EFI

>>> QSHIPQ <QSHIPQ@aol.com> 03/19/98 11:19AM >>>

>>> All these mods are hardly rocket

I assumed that, but having never heard what the mods are...didn't know
for sure.

>>>The INFO is not for sale, the modification to your car I suppose
is. That would include:  Evaluating your cars current fuel, and adding
more to the
'mix' if so needed.<<<

Apparently the info costs $29.95, no?  The mod is what I and others
have been asking for.  Still wondering what and how much, but,
admittedly losing interest.  

>>>Please do call, I'm in the phone book.<<<

Yeah, your number is around here someplace.  E-mailed you a ways
back...maybe it didn't get through.

>>>I share enough of my homework here Bruce.  The INFORMATION is
available to
you.  You choose to "buy".<<<

This is the deal.  Some people have knowledge on systems and they sell
the knowledge.  I am glad for that, as I don't have the time to
re-invent things.  If you are in a service related industry, this is
easily understood.  You have a legal problem?  You ask a question,
lawyer answers question, you pay for service.  This thread is no
different.  You say you have mods.  I ask how much.  I get no answer,
other than some reference to a Probst book.  Hey, that's cool if that
is how you choose to do [or not do] business.   

>>>I certainly would recommend it before
plopping 2grand down for an "I think".<<<

The EFI mod has never been quoted to me at $2k.  I do know that some
out there cost far more than $2k, though.
>>>You don't have to BUY the "how".   My ego will pass on the
challenge on how I
do it, thanks.<<<


>>>  I seem to remember that someone in St. Louis claimed to get 26psi
2nd thru 5th gear, and you posted seeing 1300 degree EGT.  Was that an
EFI system?  What 'CIS mods' did that car have?<<<

Was it 1300, or 1350?  I don't recall.  Assume it is in archives, if
important.  If Eric had EFI I did not know about it.  I do not know
what the mods were, exactly, other than George Baxter [?] had it, I
was to get it, but I don't have it.  So, I got tired of waiting and
started shopping.  Right now, Graydon is the only guy I have found
that will disclose what he does top to bottom, and I thank him for it.