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RE: Owners of older wagons: HELP

I already replied on this and am surprised to hear of some of the
experiences of other "wagoneers" although it still doesn't seem that
these are as bad as they might be in general.  I did think of one thing
that bugs me about my tailgate...  someone dropped a screw or small bolt
inside it and it does rattle around in there sometimes.  I think it's
probably an errant license plate screw.  I think I'll try to fish it out
this weekend.

Mirrors, flashlights, and magnets AWAY!

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> I have an 89 200TQW with 110,000 miles on the clock.  Although
> certainly not
> a scientific study, my own experience is that the wagon does suffer
> from
> more rattles than my previous 5KTQ sedan.  The hatch holds up fine
> once you
> replace the struts (pep boys has a much cheaper alternative than the
> dealer
> for struts).  However, the rear cover assembly does suffer from
> rattles as
> do the rear seats.
> Matt Pfeffer