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re: Fog Lights on a 1993 100cs Quattro.

At 10:06 AM 3/19/98 +0000, Steve Valin wrote:
>Levent Cur <lcur@qtm.net> wonders:
>> I am 19 years old, and just bought a prestine condition Audi 100CS Quattro
>> w/5spd, nothing wrong with it period, except that the right fog light is
>> birghter than the left one...  Is there an adjustment, are they maybe
>> different lights, or is that how they are on these cars??   I need to know
>> an almost exact answer...  Also how do you change them because i'm putting
>> in Catz replacement lights that are yellow tinged, or maybe the bluue ion
>> tinged ones???  Haven't decided, but i need your help!!!!!  Is one foglight
>> supposed to be brighter than the other?????
>Mine are both about the same.  There could be a couple of reasons why
>one is brighter than the other.  One may be aimed differently than the
>other, making it look brighter.  You can adjust the level with a
>phillips screwdriver.  Look for the white plastic adjustment screw
>between the grill and the light.  If one of the lenses was recently
>replaced, it will be cleaner than the old one and make the light look
>brighter.  You would notice this by just looking at the glass.

Where do i actually find the screw to align the foglights...  I found that
the right is higher than the left one and i wanna make the left just as
high as the right...  If anyone cares to explain to me the actual process,
i need help right away because the car looks odd coming down the road with
the bue ion headlights, and two foglights that aren't aimed properly...
	        		 							      -= Levent Cur =-
								1993 Audi 100CS Quattro, w/5spd, and BoSe System.