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85 5kt front seatback swap ? Is it possible?

Is this possible?

The bolster on both the driver and passenger sides are showing wear. If I  
could swap the right and left seatbacks it would all be fine and would avoid  
damaged seats.

has anyone ever swapped seatbacks? how involved is it? any tricks?



I got a pair of used front strut carts from a fellow lister (thanks!!) and  
'refurbished' them this last weekend.. WOW, they are so cool now.

By refurbish, I mean, drill a hole just below the thickening of the body at  
the top, pump and drain out all the old nasty oil, then refill with synth  
10w30. then stick a piece of double sticky foam tape with some flexible  
plastic over the hole.  (this little lump is able to fit down the strut tube  
and when the shock gets aligned by the fattening at the end, it presses the  
patch against the strut housing. I have never had a leak problem with this  

The car is very very firm, yet is not 'harsh' over little bumps.