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90 CQ for sale

There is a 90 Coupe Quattro for sale at the local BMW used lot.  I
looked at it extensively about a month ago.  I wasn't seriously
interested in buying it (cover your ears Osman ;-), just never really
spent much time with one.  Anyway, it's in very nice shape, but with a
couple of caveats that would matter more to some than others.  The
reason I'm bringing this up is because the salesman left me a message
this AM that they're about to wholesale it to a northern dealer, since
they haven't had enough interest in it here in the south.  This may be a
the time to strike a good deal on it.  It _is_ at a dealer so "good" is
relative I suppose.  

It's red with grey titanium leather sports, etc.  It has Concord T1
5-spoke alloys (from Discount Tire Direct) with Conti Aqua-Contacts.
They look very nice and were put on due to the deterioration of the
original Speedlines.  I talked to the PO and found out a lot about it.
It was bought from an Audi reseller in MI and the most recent PO was a
QCUSA member who serviced at the dealer, paying too much for everything,
hence the final decision to trade for an M3.

I drove it twice, day and night, dry and rain.  Dan Hussey was with me
one of the times and also drove it so you can get a corroborating or
contradicting story from him.  I liked it a lot, but hey, I've got an
Intentionally Accelerated turbo 20v wagon and there just wasn't _enough_
to snag me.  

I know there are a lot of CQ fans out there.  This one does have a
little accident history to it, but looks very nice even still (well

It's at Century BMW in Greenville, SC.  The number is 864-234-6437.  The
salesman I dealt with who is their more Audi savvy used salesman is
Charlie Montagna.

If you'd like more info from me, just let me know.  I have no interest
in this vehicle or it's sale.

Ed ............ Greenville, SC  USA