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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

> I have no problem with them. They are for the most part reliable. I
> see a lot around here. I just don't like to be behind one under full
> throttle.

Was actually working on the diesel last week. It has been standing for
the most part of 6 months. It had a flat, a dead battery, family
members broke the rear left window rail and the central locking has
lost its ability to pull a vacuum (ie. no doors lock until you start
the motor :> Kind of stupid when you're getting out of it). Anyway,
fired it up in the garage to check that it would start. It did, but
I near damn gone and killed myself forgetting to open the garage
windows and main door! Someone please let a diesel stand for 6 months
and then fire it up in a confined space. The surrounds just got
darker and darker! :)

Heck, I still love the car though. 6 litres per 100km from a 3-litre
motor ain't bad, or is it?

I remember there was an Audi diesel that did much better milage than
that and was a great performer. Anyone remember what it was? Audi
last sold a local diesel in the early 80s, we had one.

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