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BOMBED out...

Well just went out side and did the "bomb test". After 160,784 miles
my 200tqw decided to give up to the bomb gods.I can only get ONE plush
pump, then it goes tight. No wonder it has been braking strangely. A new
one is on order, along with new frt pads, new fool pump check valve and
a trick new crome "DTM" twin-tip tailpipe (for that extra 8-16hp S6
look)! Photos soon.

The high-mileage wagon report is super! Still drives tight, doesn't burn
much oil and goes like stink at 1.6 bar! "200,000 q-digest mile club" is
fur sure in order.

Thompson Smith / Creative Director
1990 90 20v'er "euro" http://teamgpi.com/20v.jpg
1989 200 wagon "S6" look