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Is there a KKK site? Some questions about turbos...


Is KKK online? Do they make one of those variable geometry turbos?

Could anyone explain to me what a ball bearing turbo is? I'm looking
at some funny ad for a Z3, it says:

	VATN, self contained/lubricating, Ball Brg. Turbo
	Full boost by 1800RPM, eliminating lag
	Better economy due to no exhaust back pressure under light loads
	Full OBD II compatible

0-60 in 4.9sec for the Z3 turbo kit. Supposedly a "non-conventional"
turbo. Is uses the variable vane system I've heard of from other
turbo companies, Aerodyne being one of the suppliers and also Garrett.
Do KKK over a turbo along these lines? How does this turbo vary from
the "standard" types? How do they get no back pressure? Is the exhaust
vanes or the impellers changed during spin-up?

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